Just Mine Creations

Just Mine 

Being the second youngest in an Irish Catholic family of 6 sisters and one brother I knew that if i wanted to be heard I had to yell louder, that if I wanted to stand out I needed to get up earlier in the day than my brother and sisters, I needed to be focused. 

A few years ago I found myself still looking for that focus,  this time in jewelry. I discovered that many women were wearing bracelets and necklaces the same as everyone else, I asked myself where was the Pop, that one of a kind style that said here I am,  a style that was 

Just Mine 

4 years ago I stumbled upon by accident, a 10th century style of weaving called the Viking Knit, after much research I taught myself the technique and I have been weaving using 24g fine silver or gold wire ever since. 

Please enjoy my designs        

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